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This app informs you about many of the things you should know for a short or medium-term stay in Germany!

Learn how the public transportation works, which things you should notice, laws that are different from other countries etc.

Learn about the up to date tips for public traveling, where there are discounts granted. Learn where you should go when losing your passport or valuables and many more.

Frequently used sentences that work offline, with an included quick search, help you to navigate. Learn the most common sentences while staying and traveling in Germany because of included spoken sound files. Find sentences for Dinner or Business. Understand more of the spoken announcements at the railway station with this app. The most common announcements are in sound files audible.

Get to know the beautiful places in Germany and understand the Germans because of the historical and geographical overview in this app.

Plan your stay and know all the different Public Holidays of the states while traveling in Germany, as they may vary by state.

Know all telephone numbers, including a special number for children needing assistance.

Speech and hearing impaired persons have the option to send a SMS-Emergency text with this app. Occurring Sentences in Emergencies are translated offline, available in the app (for example in an emergency at a tunnel).

All in all, you get a really good overview of all the things you should know to acquire a better understanding and functionality while staying in Germany.


1) A to do list in which you can make entries in the entire app to note things down, e.g. excursion destinations

2) Explanations for shopping, sleeping, drinking, traveling or arriving by bus, train, plane or car, and ambient air quality

3) Emergency numbers (e.g., Emergency Doctor’s Care, Transportation to the Hospital, Reporting missing children, Help for children, etc.) , SMS-Emergency text (Speech and Hearing Impaired), and instructions for emergencies

4) Answers and a simplified search to frequently asked questions

5) Attractions (These include especially noteworthy or attractive locations, experiences, buildings, recreational parks, etc.)

6) General information about leisure activities

7) Public Holidays by State

8) Brief historical and geographical overviews

9) A quick search for frequently used sentences with spoken sound files (for daily life, while traveling, dinner, and business)

Who is it for..?

  • Exchange Students
  • Refugees
  • Traveller
  • Tourists
  • Interested Locals
  • Au Pairs
  • Diplomats
  • All other interested People

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