Public Transport Strike Wave from Feb 26 – Mar 1

Ver.di has announced a new wave of strikes in public transport (ÖPNV) for the coming week, affecting almost all of Germany except Bavaria. The warning strikes are planned for different days regionally from Monday to Saturday, with March 1 being highlighted as the central strike day. The impacts of these strikes are expected to vary regionally, with extensive restrictions in bus, subway, and tram services. In Berlin, for example, all subways, buses, and trams are expected to be out of service. About 90,000 employees are called to participate in the warning strike, a large portion of whom are employed in North Rhine-Westphalia. In parallel with the strikes, “Fridays for Future” plans demonstrations on March 1, which could also lead to unusual timetables. While most S-Bahn trains are not directly affected, as they are usually operated by Deutsche Bahn, which is currently negotiating with the train drivers’ union GDL, the warning strikes are still expected to lead to thousands of cancellations in municipal transport. Travelers and commuters should prepare for significant disruptions and consider alternative transportation options.