In case of an emergency..

Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ , If you want to have the best emergency call app, you should download NINU. Incidentally, with NINU you have emergency numbers for other countries, such as:

You can easily change the country, for example when you are traveling. No matter whether it’s a beach vacation in Spain, Italy or skiing in Switzerland or the USA. The best functions and all numbers are always there. You can change the Country back to yours, if it’s mentioned (After your visit in Germany).

Moreover, NINU is not a normal emergency call app. It also serves as a kind of social media for phone numbers. Business users can create a phone directory. Customers or users can download the phone directory into their app and use it permanently. For example, this could be a city, a hotel, a travel provider, or many more. This can significantly simplify access to important phone numbers for people. We encourage you to create a phone directory if you are in a suitable position. Help yourself, the people, and us, in these important matters.