Ulm Minster

Type: Gothic Church

Image provided by Wikimedia Commons,
Image author: ©B. Steinhauer

This is the largest Lutheran church in Germany. Its tower of 161.53 meters (nearly 500 feet) in height is the tallest church tower in the world. Miraculously, it withstood the bombing attacks of World War II in 1944 and 1945, although one could see the city of Ulm burning from 100 km (62 mi) away. Construction began in 1377 and was financed exclusively by the 10,000 citizens of the city, which at that time was the largest Imperial City in southern Germany. The church was owned by the city of Ulm until 1894. The large main tower was completed in 1890.

With such eminent workers as the Parlers, Ulrich von Ensingen and Matthäus Böblinger, the best craftsmen of their time worked on the construction. In 1405 the church was consecrated, even though it had only a temporary roof/ceiling. You can climb the main tower up to a heightof 143 meters (470 ft), which offers a spectacular view of the city and the valley of the Danube River.