Last Update 04 July 2022
News general

From July 1, 2022, all discarded electronic devices can be handed in in supermarkets, provided that the device must not exceed an edge length of 25 centimeters (9.84 inch). The supermarket must take back the device, regardless of where the device was purchased.

The Federal Government provides information on the topic of Covid 19 here.

The Federal Foreign Office provides information on traveling during Covid 19 here.

The federal government provides FAQs for travelers, during the Covid 19 pandemic here.

News for Ukrainians

The Federal Government has set up the  Germany4Ukraine portal, where Ukrainians can get comprehensive help and information.

The Tagesschau is Germany’s most-watched news program, which will in future offer news with Ukrainian and Russian subtitles. The news can be accessed in the ARD media center and on the YouTube channel.

Information on train travel for people who have fled Ukraine can be found here.

The Ukrainian TV journalist Karolina Ashion from Kjiv, known from Ukrainian TV, gives daily 10-minute news in Ukrainian on German TV. Available every evening from Monday to Friday on, and YouTube.