Changes in July: Summer Vacation Commences, Price Increases and other changes

Summer Vacation Commences: Between July 17th and 29th, summer vacation starts in various German states. Students and teachers can finally enjoy a well-deserved break and recover from the challenges of the past school year. Families often utilize this time to go on vacations together or engage in activities within their local regions. However, it’s important to note that this may lead to increased traffic and possible delays, such as traffic jams. Travelers should allocate sufficient time and consider alternative routes to avoid any inconveniences.

Price Increases at DHL: Starting from July 1st, 2023, Deutsche Post DHL Group is raising prices for its services. Specifically, the shipping cost for a 10-kilogram package will increase from €9.49 to €10.49. Additionally, services like cash-on-delivery and bulky goods will also become more expensive. It is advisable to take into account the new prices when utilizing DHL services and consider alternative shipping options if necessary.

Availability of e-prescriptions at Pharmacies: Another significant change relates to e-prescriptions. Legally insured individuals can now retrieve e-prescriptions at pharmacies using their insurance card. The e-prescription serves as a digital alternative to traditional paper prescriptions, allowing patients to receive their medications electronically. This step aims to simplify the prescription process and facilitate access to medications for the insured population. By the end of July, it is anticipated that approximately 80 percent of pharmacies will be connected to the e-prescription system, ensuring broad availability and usage.

These changes in July directly impact the lives of many individuals in Germany. While students and teachers eagerly anticipate the summer vacation, it is important to be aware of potential delays and traffic congestion. Simultaneously, with the price increases at DHL, individuals need to navigate the revised shipping costs and consider alternative options. Furthermore, the availability of e-prescriptions at pharmacies offers new conveniences for legally insured individuals to obtain their medications digitally. Staying informed about these changes and making necessary adjustments will contribute to a smoother experience overall.